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We are a network of Instructional Designers, Software Engineers and Developers, Animators, Voice and On-Camera Talent, Subject Matter Experts, Creative Directors, Technical and Creative Writers, Business Analysts, and Project Managers – all of whom share the same vision for creating powerful e-learning experiences, primarily at the moment of need.


We value never-ending improvement in all that we do and aim for "everybody wins" in all of our interactions.

Clients have included: developing enterprise learning solutions for organizations such as Toyota University, The Gap, Loblaw, Scotiabank, Rogers Communications, Cara Foods, AT&T Canada, Enbridge, and others.


At MindMuze Inc., we are passionate about helping organizations create meaningful learning experiences. Founded in 2001, we have been providing our clients with innovative and effective eLearning solutions for over two decades. From ideation to launch, our team of consultants assists organizations with their online and offline training needs, helping them stay current with the latest technologies and solutions.

The industries we specialize in include restaurant guest services, automotive, retail, utility operation and maintenance (in oil and gas), banking, equipment training (farm and military naval equipment), telecommunications, and in TV and movie production.

We also produce content and programming for museums and art installations and have provided consulting services for those companies looking to improve their online experience or improve the KPIs for their ecommerce checkout process.


As lifelong learners, we are constantly expanding our skills through professional and personal experiences. Below you will find a list of services that we can confidently offer your organization.

Business Plan
Using Mobile Phones
Computer Repair


MindMuze has packaged our Consulting Services together to ensure a fixed price, fixed deliverables, and delivery within a fixed timeline. You can choose to engage us in:

  • LMS Vendor Evaluation and Selection 

  • LMS Implementation

  • Needs Analysis

  • Identifying eLearning Requirements

  • Developing a Content Development Program

  • Learning Planning and Process

  • Learning Measurement and Evaluation

  • Website and ecommerce evaluations and recommendations

  • SEO evaluations, with goal of better search page ranking


By definition, the solutions that work best for each organization are unique, based on their technology, target audience, and the learning subject matter.

MindMuze has extensive experience in helping clients successfully define and execute mobile learning programs.


Whether you need a quick tutorial on how to use the latest gadget, a full blown program to train staff on sophisticated and/or potentially dangerous situations, or an explainer video, we will work with you and your team to determine the best tool or solution to get training out quickly to employees so they are fully engaged and properly trained.

Cleared to Canada and UN Secret clearance.

VR Goggles
Race in Game Center
Computer Class



This technology provides virtual examples and adds gaming elements to support retention and recall. This makes learning more efficient, faster, and more fun. From mathematics to pure sciences, to skills, with some creativity AR and VR can be incorporated to practically train any subject.  

Recent examples include improved managerial compliance to corporate standards for restaurant franchise owners.



Within an effective game-based learning environment, learners work toward a goal, choosing actions, and experiencing the consequences of those actions along the way.

They make mistakes in a risk-free setting, and through experimentation, they actively learn and practice the right way to carry out any activity. This keeps the learner highly engaged in practicing behaviors and thought processes that can easily transfer from the simulated environment to real life. 


Instructor-led training may deliver training in a lecture or classroom format, as part of an interactive workshop, as a demonstration with the opportunity for learners to practice, or even virtually, using video conferencing 



Our instructional designers understand the various learning styles and can create engaging lectures, demonstrations or interactive sessions depending on the training requirements. 

Sales Representative
Shooting content


Learning professionals have known for a long time that post training, knowledge retention is a significant challenge to employee productivity and performance.

Interval Learning is a scientifically proven technique that leverages neuroscience research to drive retention and recall in employees. It is ideally suited for driving:

  • Sales Enablement

  • Customer Service Improvements

  • Compliance and Safety Initiatives

  • Policy and Procedure Compliance

MindMuze is an authorized reseller of the Qstream Spaced Retention application.  Qstream’s proven methodology and technology is fully mobile compatible, easy to implement and has a proven track record of customer and learner adoption and satisfaction.


We offer a wide range of content creation services that are custom tailored to your learning needs. These services include:

  • Content compilation

  • Instructional Design

  • Technical writing

  • Copy editing

  • Quality assurance

  • Course testing

  • Video scripts

  • Weekly blog post

  • Building curriculum from scratch or translating content, or converting content from older formats



We have a proven and solid project management methodology that focuses on communication and managing expectations to build online training and in-class training experiences that are delivered on time and on budget.

We can also work to match the methodologies of our business partners. We have experience in both Waterfall and Agile.

Past examples that we're proud off...

Confederation College Trade Calculation & Science

Originally built in 1995-2001, Trade Calculation and Science CD-ROM was a multi-million dollar project built for the Ministry of Education over many years and almost 20 years later was selected for migration to be brought online. Mindmuze staff were involved in both projects.


Tribal Class Destroyer Refit, Update, and Modernization project (aka TRUMP)

Tasked with processing tens of thousands of pages of training documentation in the late 80s, early 90s for the military's TRUMP project; MindMuze staff made sure said training pages were written to military, naval, and UN specifications.

We'd love to hear from you!  :)

We're proud of the work we do and we'd love to hear from you. Whether you're a current client or just interested in learning more about our elearning consulting services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss how our team can help you and your clients reach their learning goals. With our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we can provide creative solutions to any challenge. Contact us today and let's start building the future of learning together!

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